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We offer our students a wide variety of co-curricular activities which is mandatory. It guides all students’ activities to have an interdisciplinary approach across all programmes. Our students can join any club as per their wish. A classroom is allotted to each club to showcases its activities. Each club is managed and run by students. They are assigned a faculty mentor too.

Name of the clubs

  1. Social Service
  2. Fitness Club
  3. Dance Club
  4. Club
  5. Theater Club
  6. Music Club
  7. Literary Club
  8. Fine Arts
  9. Heritage club
  10. Stem club Robotics


We have a Social Service initiated and headed by a strong team of committed and dedicated teachers. The area of Social Service we focus are Old age homes and orphanages. Our Social Service commitment in the areas of sustainability and environment covers areas of environment protection, waste paper management inculcating the values of Social Service in Children. We have some upcoming projects of “Say no to plastic”, “Save Animal” Student Exchange Programme, Environmental Awareness Programmes.

ROBOTICS & STEM EDUCATION – provides students the technical skills to critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and collaboration – students are taught scratch programming wherein they create their own animations, games and stories.

Visit this page to see the projects of the students of DPS Kollam