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Co- curriculum is an important part of the education. We whole heartedly welcome you to   our website where co-curricular is offered as part of the curriculum in our school. We offer a wide range of activities by getting our children to try new things and expose them to the areas of managing risk and how they can handle failure in life following the proverb ”Failure is a stepping stone to Success.” We teach them not to be disheartened if they fail but rather to observe the mistakes and overcome them in repeated effort which ultimately will lead to success.

There will be a co curriculum fair held yearly to give you a better idea of the co-curricular programmes that we offer which will enable you to able to make suitable decisions for our children.  It helps our children to make friends and have fun.

Co-curricular activities include

  • Dance
  • Music- Indian & Western vocals
  • Instrumental music
  • Art
  • Theatre
  • Home Science
  • Fashion designing

Students of Grades III to VI will follow the “Dual Major Activity System” where each student is required to enroll for an Arts Major and a Sports Major.(Options will be confirmed only after an aptitude test).

• Students are expected to wear the prescribed Sports/Activity uniform for all activities at school.

• Practices for the various cultural activities and school sports teams are organised before/after regular school hours.

• Students of Grades K to VI will be offered swimming/aerobics classes during the school day. Children will have to carry their own swimming costumes, towels and swimming cap duly labelled with the name, class, section and address in a separate bag.

• The child will be responsible for his /her swimming gear/school uniform in the pool area.

• Students should bring a medical certificate if he /she is not to use the swimming pool.

• Evening coaching is available for interested students from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

House System For Grades I And Above

In order to foster a healthy competitive spirit and to create a sense of belonging, all students are divided into four Houses. Each House has student and teacher representatives. The Inter House competitions are conducted with a view to promote learning, entertainment and
awareness . Merit certificates are awarded to the winners and House points are determined based on points awarded throughout the year.

House & House Colours

Sapphire : Blue
Emerald : Green
Ruby : Red
Topaz : Yellow

Each House is governed by a House Captain & Vice-Captain.