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Criteria for Academic Awards for the Year 2019-20

The eligibility criteria for being declared a SCHOLAR is as follows:

  • Minimum Attendance: 80%
  • Scholastic Areas: Classes V-VIII:80% and above in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Hindi and 79% and above in 3rd Language
  • Co- Scholastic Areas: 
  • Classes V- VIII:The student must score a minimum Grade A in each: CLUB, SUPW, Art Education, Physical and Health Education, Life Skills, Attitudes and Co- Scholastic Activities.

The following students will not be eligible for receiving any Academic Award:

  • A student who is issued a Yellow Card or was under suspension due to indiscipline, bullying, fighting, cheating, using foul/ abusive language.
  • A student who is guilty of misconduct such as indiscipline, bullying, fighting, cheating, using foul/ abusive language, etc.
  • A student who is found in possession of mobile phone in school.
  • A student who has appeared for any Retest/ Re Exam.

Criteria for being considered as a Scholar for New Admissions:

  • Only students of DPS (core/ satellite) are eligible.
  • He/ she must submit the following documents with a covering letter to the Admission Councilor at the time of admission.
  1. Criteria of being a Scholar in the previous school along with photocopy of certificates declaring the student, Scholar for previous years in DPS.
  2. Photocopy of Report Card issued by the last school.
  3. Declaration from the previous school that they have not received any scholar certificate/ award in his/ her previous school.

Decision of the School Committee is final and binding.

Accolades given to students:

  • Scholar Badge: Scholars of Classes V-VIII.
  • All Rounder Award: Classes V-VIII: All Rounder Cup for excellence in Academics (Scholar), Sports and Co- Curricular activities.
  • Proficiency Awards: Classes V-VIII: A Cup along with a certificate is given for achieving highest marks in a subject.

The school reserves the right to modify the above stated policy without prior notice.